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Welcome to Forgotten Tomes' FAQ. If you have an additional questions that were not answered in the rules, make sure you look through the content within this thread! If you find that any questions are still unanswered, please feel free to make a thread in Feedback/Suggestions and a staff member will try to get back to you as soon as possible.


This thread will be updated as necessary when new features are added or existing ones are changed. Please feel free to check the Changelog if you want to know what or when major aspects have been edited.

You can also find us on discord!



If you've ever used a forum based within phpBB like ours, you likely have a decent grasp on the generals. However, if you have not, it is easy to miss small details that can add to your experience here on the site. That being said, I'm going to be as thorough as possible in mentioning everything that someone might need to know.

- The first thing that should be mentioned is that there are two main ways in which a person can access their User Control Panel. The first is shown on each page of the website and is on the right side of the screen where other links like 'Profile' and 'Logout' are placed. The second way for one to access their UCP is by going to the top right part of the screen and clicking on the drop-down arrow beside where your username is.
- 'Overview': Includes important announcements and your activity. From there, you can look at your subscriptions and bookmarks for threads, check drafts you have from anytime or place on the site, manage any attachments you have, and look over your notification history.
- 'Profile': The sections within this include a place where you can edit basic profile information that is displayed to other users, an area where you can edit your signature, a place where you can edit and change your avatar, and a section where you can edit your username or password.
- 'Board Preferences': Allows you to edit settings pertaining to global information such as timezone, posting settings like whether or not you want your signature posted on the forums or allow BBcode to be enabled, display settings that affect things like the order in which thread topics are displayed on the forums, and notification settings which allows you to decide what coming up under your notification tab.
- 'Private Messages': If you want to send or receive messages from other members, this is the place to do so. You can also organize your messages within folders.
- 'Usergroups': Deals with memberships and the like but that is nothing which members need to worry about as it doesn't effect anything!
- 'Friends & Foes': As the title suggests, you can manage your friend and foe list here as well as add people to them by username.

- 'Announcements & Rules': All updates will be posted as well as other need to know information.
- 'Feedback/Suggestions': A place where any and all members can expression concerns, questions, suggestions and more, as well as engage in discussions with the staff if necessary.

- 'Introductions': This is where all new members will be required to post an introduction as well as respond to another person's intro in order to gain access to the rest of the site.
- 'General': If you are interested in general chatting about something extremely specific or have something you want to share with others, this is where you will find a sense of belonging.
- 'Games': As the title insinuates, this is where games will be, whether they're common forum games or original ones. So if that's your thing, jump in and participate!
- 'Clubs': This forum is different from general in that is meant to be a focus for different interests and the discussion of those things specifically, be it fandoms, other groups you belong to, etc.
- 'External Websites': If you are interested in advertising for another site, or a discord server not related to an on-site rp, this is the place to do so.

- 'Writing': All subforums here are focused on the writing aspect of our site's creative minds.
  • - 'Personal Storage': This forum is meant to act as it's named for, storage of any kind, mainly for writings, BBcoding for threads or characters, ramblings, etc.
  • - 'Share Your Writing': Whether it be novel(la) chapters, drabbles, concepts, short stories or anything else of similar concept, you'll want to make sure to post them here, be it for the enjoyment of it or perhaps even criticism.
  • - 'Writing Resources': We never quite stop learning to develop our craft. That being said, here is where members can post good writing resources that they want to share with others.
  • - 'Portfolios': If you're interested in having a thread where you can showcase work you're proud of regarding writing, be it for new potential partners to look at or perhaps commissions, this is where you'll want to post.
  • - 'Writing Commissions': Make sure to read the stickied thread in this forum. However, if you are interested in offering writing commissions to other members, here is where you can post a thread offering your service!
- 'Art': As is insinuated, those who work in digital, traditional or other types of art are welcome to post in the subforums as they see fit.
  • - 'Personal Gallery': If you have artwork you'd like to share with the rest of the community, this is where you're gonna wanna post.
  • - 'Seeking Art Trades': Art trades come around as a result of trading your own artwork in exchange for something other than money or any type of currency. Typically this is the through the act of a trade through receiving another type of artwork. If this interests you, feel free to make a thread here!
  • - 'Portfolios': If you want to showcase your artwork that you're exceptionally proud of as a means of showing your best talent for commissions and the like, this is where you'll want to store all of that. Similarly, portfolios are different if they actively express the work put into the artwork.
  • - 'Art Commissions': As the title insinuates, this is the forum where artists can post threads in relation to commissions if they're opened and offering.
  • - 'Art Requests': Similarly to the above category, this is for people who are open to doing art for free if a request is put in. Make sure to respect each person's guidelines regarding how one is supposed to go about requesting from them.
- 'Other': This area is for all forms of creativity that fit outside of just writing or common types of art.
  • - 'Coding': Whether you're interested in posting coding resources, coding shop or even strictly BBcoding concepts, it's ideal that you post here.
  • - 'Music': Meant for musicians, sheet music junkies, composers, the likes. If you have a knack for instruments and singing, share your portfolios, works, and more here.
  • - 'Photography/Video': Do you make video edits? Take pictures of the world around you? Perhaps you're an animator? Here is a place to share your works and openly discuss your interestes!
- 'Novice Roleplays': This area is meant for new/less experienced writers who simply want to get into the swing of things with responses less than 300 words in length.
  • - '1x1 & Private Groups': In this division, you can post openly searches for private group roleplays and one on ones.
    • - '1x1': Here is where you post all active one on one roleplays.
    • - 'Group': Here is where you post all active private group roleplays.
  • - 'Tips and Advice': This forum is open to all members to post tips and tricks for those still getting into writing. It is also open for new writers to ask for advice and/or find some helpful resources!
  • - 'Human/Original': All original/human based roleplays are kept in this forum. It is not reduced to any genres and can be anything as long as its your own plot!
  • - 'Fandom': If you want a roleplay based on your fandom, keep it in this forum here.
  • - 'Animal': For roleplays based on animals.
  • - 'Roleplay discussion': Discussion for ALL roleplays remain in this category, extending to group, private, and one on ones.

- 'Advanced Roleplays': This area is meant for more experienced writers who can keep every reply 300+ words.
  • - 'See above in Novice Roleplays for the same list!'


This details the basic functions of the staff team, however if you would like to know more about the individual staff members, themselves, please check out our Staff Introductions post! Each staff member has detailed information about themselves at your disposal! :)

Luminary: A Luminary is the Site Administrator. Responsible for the site as a whole, they have the final say in every major change/discussion. You may always contact them with important questions/concerns.

Sentinel: A Sentinel is responsible for moderating all forums on the site. They make sure all the rules are to be followed and deal with bans/warnings. They are essentially second in charge to the Luminary role.

Regent: A Regent is responsible for all coding, layout, and design features of the site. They handle bugs, updates, themes, and keeping everything functioning. If you have any bugs or suggestions, seek one out!

Chronicler: A Chronicler is responsible for organization and upkeep! Any inactive threads are to be marked by them, any event ideas and planning to be logged by them. They too are always open to suggestions to make the site a bit more fun!

Magistrate: A Magistrate is solely responsible for the roleplaying forums. Making sure post lengths are appropriate, verifying active roleplays, and upholding the rules. If you need anything regarding roleplay help, contact them first!

Page: A Page is a vital role to our staff team. Meant to be the social core, they welcome new members, constantly engage in discussion, and overall will be happy to answer any questions/direct you around to where you need to go!
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