I have special eyes.

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I have special eyes.

Hi it turns out I know a lot of you already which is a fun surprise.

I’m toast/shelby. I like memes and animals. There’s an essay I should be editing right now but I’m not. I recently quit my job so I’ll be anxious until I get a new one but in the meantime I’ll still be complaining about how bad it was and also can tell you about my professor’s cool dogs that she brings to class. She has 25 and 11 of them are little babies. I’m bad at writing, bad at replying, mediocre at coding, and really good at character development and creation, pls hire me thanks. I also had adhd so if you have questions on how to handle it, ask someone else I am not even handling it myself. The only reason I have a calendar on my door is because I can use pretty chalk markers, I do not intend to abide by it.

Y’all: new names, new codes, same lovely people

Side note: I will put gifs everywhere and you can’t stop me.
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