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Casually slipping on in don't mind me

Username: Insanity
Preferred Name: San/Insanity I don't mind too much
DM, Player, Both or None: Player
Preferred Edition: I have yet to decide
Favorite Class & Favorite Race: Bard, and it's a cross between a Tiefling and a Tabaxi

Extra: I've only ever played one improvised homebrew oneshot, but have watched a lot of DnD campaign streams on Youtube. I've joined two DnD groups so far but none of the DM's have actually finished creating a campaign in the two years since I joined so I'm chomping on the bit to get my hands dirty!
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dungeons n' dragons babey

  • username: boo
    preferred name: boo is fine!
    DM, player, both or none: none at the moment weeps. likely just a player, but DMing would be neat.
    preferred edition: 5e is all i have really delved into, but again, i have never played so it is difficult to tell!
    favorite class & favorite race: bard or druid - i like support but with a little flair. firbolgs are probably my favorite race, though! as much as a love tieflings and elves, i will always die by the sweet, tall cow people.
    extra: i have always wanted to play but never had the means to!
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    • Welcome to both Insanity and boo! We're working on setting up a DnD campaign for those here on the site who want to play/learn. That being said, if you're interested in playing, we currently have a poll on the discord for which campaign members would like to play first. I hope to see you around!
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Re: Blades & Petals | DnD Club

    • Username: Gamora
      Preferred Name: Gamora, Gam, or my real name for those that know it!
      DM, Player, Both or None: Player. Plz don't make me DM.
      Preferred Edition: 5e but only because it's the only one I've played lol
      Favorite Class & Favorite Race: Half elf paladin is normally my go to
      Extra: This game confuses me to bad but I love it. Rip to anybody that plays with me I will ask 50000 questions about which dice I'm supposed to roll
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